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Why you just have to love Corgi puppies

Queen Elisabeth II loves her and YouTube users too: Little charming corgis know how to enchant with their entertainment talent. These clumsy bundles of joy show how this can be done.

Corgi number 1 is Mika, is eight weeks old and her video has the simple title: "Mika is cute." Of course, we fully agree with the owners. When Mika gropes with her short legs over the bed and plays with her cuddly frog, the sun really rises. So go outside with the next corgis!

Fun to play with a gang of Corgi puppies

The big wide world is exciting for such a small dog gang and that must of course be exploited. There is running, jumping, playing with shoelaces and of course wiggling your big ears. Has anyone spontaneously got the urge to play along?

Ten corgis show how to enjoy dog ‚Äč‚Äčlife

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