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Few things generate as much empathy as beautiful dogs in pictures. And that is precisely why dog ​​pictures are increasingly present in advertisements for the most varied types of products.

In all corners of Brazil, and the world too, there are agencies specializing in videos, parades and pictures of dogs, making the selection of pets, preparing their work material and making them available to commercial producers in general.

To be part of agency casting of canine models, it is not necessary for the dog to be of breed or have any specific physical characteristics.

Commercial producers are looking for a huge variety of dogs, depending on what they need for the role, making it possible for even the SRD dogs (mixed breed, the popular “mongrel”) to participate in photos of these canine agencies.

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What really counts when it comes to knowing if your dog can be a model for pictures of dogs is his temperament. To work with this medium, it is necessary that the dog is docile and sociable. He will deal with many people, other dogs, cameras and agitation, so it is necessary that he does not stress and be able to get used to it.

In addition, knowing how to obey basic dressage commands such as sitting, staying, lying down, pawing etc., is also important, as it will help the technical team at the time of production. These basic commands are acquired in a beginner training course, or can even be trained at home, without the support of a professional.

It's fun, not a profession!

The most important thing in the activity of photographing, filming or parading, is the well-being of the dog. If the advertising work is too long, more than one dog of the same breed is selected to take turns. The demands and care in a photo work with dogs they are the same as when working with human models, dogs are really treated like stars.

Before starting, the dog takes a bath and undergoes a good brushing to make its hair shiny. Outside, make-up for dogs is used, but bathing and brushing are more than enough to make the puppy beautiful for your photo shoot.

About the fee, some factors are considered when defining: the importance of the dog's role at work, how trained and obedient the dog is and how many hours or days he will need to work, among other things. It is estimated that the the fee is between R $ 300 and R $ 1500.00, which can increase well in the case of already famous dogs.

Even though it is a good amount, the owner should keep in mind that this is a tiring job and that he has a dog to care for, not to use as a source of income. As already said, the work of a photographic model dog always aims at the well-being and health of the dog, and this should be the main concern of the owner. Be sure to also see this list of cute dogs.

Model and dog

We talked before about the importance of your dog being clean, with shiny hair and grooming up to date, however some professionals believe that the best thing is that this procedure is not done on the same day as the photo session, this prevents your pet from getting too much tired or restless. The grooming indicated for the photos is usually the standard for the breed and the bath can be given a day or two before the session.

Some agencies set a limit of hours per day for a pet to work, so the pet is not too stressed or tired, all with the well-being of pets in mind. For those commercials where the dog needs to learn a trick, he receives training days before work. It is essential that the owner accompany your pet during the rehearsal, for the puppy it is very important to have a familiar face among so many strangers.

Choosing a dog to be a model does not only require everything that has already been said, like the pet being docile and obedient, it also undergoes a photographic test in the agencies, so it is possible to know how the animal behaves in the studio, in front of the camera, flash and different people. In addition, dogs that are overweight are not usually accepted as models.

Although the fees are interesting, the pet welfare should be a priority and, besides, being part of an agency casting does not mean that your pet will always be called for some job.

Dogs can also become models for clothes, becoming true fashion references in a market that is growing more and more. For this it is important that the animal does not feel uncomfortable when he has to wear clothes.

A dog does not need to be a model just for the money of the fee, in some cases, several dogs are photographed to make calendars for institutions that use the money obtained in favor of something for the animals themselves, such as castration, for example. The initiative is more and more common and the only thing necessary is the owner's interest in letting his pet be photographed for a good cause.

I want to take a picture of my puppy at home, can I?

Some owners are lovers of photography and want to record their dog's moments in a special way or even to keep happy and fun memories. Certain tips help a lot when you want to photograph your pet alone, see:

  • Stay on the same level as your pet, so the photos give the impression of capturing the world the way your dog sees it;
  • Whenever possible, keep the focus on your pet's eyes or muzzle, just as we do with humans;
  • Difficult your pet will pose just for you to take a picture of him, so enjoy the moments he is distracted in some way, including sleeping, another idea is to suit him, if your dog is agitated enjoy the moments after a walk because he will be more tired;
  • One way to avoid problems with all this animal action is to use the pet mode that several cameras have;
  • Another point is: your dog will hardly look at the lens as we do, so you can use the help of someone who attracts his attention in some way at the time of the photo;
  • Avoid using flash, this can frighten or irritate your dog while taking pictures, prefer moments with more natural lighting;
  • In fact, following the line of the tip above it is a good idea to present the camera to your dog, let him see it up close, smell it and gradually take pictures of it, this novelty will make you a little curious;
  • Unknown locations are not a good idea, unless you want to photograph your dog in action, unraveling the world, otherwise the ideal is to leave him in a place you already know and feel comfortable with;
  • Think about the scenery, it must have good lighting, your dog should be comfortable there and you should add the details you want, taking advantage of what the place can offer you, but always with your pet as the main focus;
  • Test the angles you have to photograph, a large dog may be better lying down than a smaller dog, for example;
  • Unusual moments also yield great photos, whoever has a pet at home is more than used to catching a pet doing something or doing something funny, which yields great photos;
  • Another way to guarantee incredible photos is to enjoy contact between animals if you have more than one pet, or register your pet with children or other family members, taking advantage of the moment of affection.

A lot of patience and affection are also worth it. This moment is meant to be fun and not a time of stress, do not force your dog to do something he does not want, as he is unable to understand that he must stand or pose for a photo. Rewards are also worthwhile when your dog behaves and respects any order you gave at the time of the photo.

Famous dogs ... On the internet

Not every dog ​​owner seeks his pet's stardom in the same way, while some prefer their four-legged companions in advertisements, photos, events, commercials, others prefer to take advantage of their different personality to win the internet world.

It is more and more frequent the number of pets that are successful through the network, some with their videos, others with their photos and profiles on social networks, that are gaining the taste of people around the world and gain more and more followers.

Perhaps this form does not lead to the good fees paid by companies, but it guarantees fun for the pet and its owner, who can abuse their creativity or just take advantage of those moments off to photograph and film what your dog does.

An example of a famous dog is Boo, a cute puppy considered quite photogenic, which has pages on social networks and photographic books of its own. Boo wins the title of "cutest dog on the internet". Just see his pictures to make you fall in love and want the same.

Another dog worth mentioning is Bodhi, used as a model on a page of men's fashion tips. The dog is always photographed in high style and became a sensation, thus gaining more photoshoots.

Although Bodhi and Boo like clothes and allow them to be photographed that way, not every dog ​​feels good wearing a clothes, so respect that characteristic and don't try to force your pet to wear clothes just because you think it's cool. If your pet allows you to put a tie or tie on it without being bothered, take advantage of this cue, otherwise photograph your dog in the wild.

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