Since Roman times, these white dogs have been used as guardians of sheep, because their fur resembles them, making them not frightened by the dog, in addition to being able to differentiate their faithful companion from a hungry wolf at night.


Both Kuvasz and his fellow Hungarian shepherds (Komondor, Pumi, Mudi and Puli), are dogs with an uncertain origin. His ancestors are believed to have come to Hungary in 896, when Prince Arpad's Magyar tribes settled in Puszta (Hungarian steppe). Some researchers believe that, while the Komondor dog could have acted as guardian of herds, the Kuvasz accompanied the pilots in hunting and in war. Another theory holds that the race's ancestors could have come with the Turkish invasions of the 13th century.


THE Kuvasz he is calm, courageous, observant, very protective and territorial, independent and has a great initiative. Despite his temperament, he very much enjoys being in the company of his family, showing himself to be a loving and faithful dog. He likes to play with children, but he is not very patient to endure his antics.


The Kuvasz is a large dog, very muscular and of robust constitution. Its head is larger than the large, thick ears in the shape of a "V" with rounded tips. The tail, of low insertion, reaches the hock. It has a double layer of white hair, being thin on the inside and smooth on the outside, a little wavy.

Specific care

For Kuvasz to be a balanced dog, you need to let him spend all his energy correctly. The owner should take him daily so that he can exercise, let him run around a bit and, if possible, also offer occasional game sessions.

In addition, the ideal is that the dog has a good garden where he can roam free. In order for the dog to be obedient and sociable as an adult, the owner must educate him firmly (which does not mean brutality) and with great patience, since puppy. Because of his excellent memory, training him will not be a difficult task, as long as the dog understands who the head of the family is. As a young man, you may want to test this authority.

The hair should be brushed regularly to prevent knot formation, but should be washed as little as possible.


The most worrying problem that the breed can suffer from is hip dysplasia. Some specimens of the breed can also have skin problems, in this case, daily brushing can limit the incidence.

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