Dog Muzzles - Models and Usage Tips

The muzzle is an equipment used, mostly, in dogs to prevent it from biting a person. It is generally used on walks in public places, where it can happen that the dog attacks a stranger.

For some breeds, such as the Neapolitan mastiff, pitbull, rottweiller, american stafforshire terrier or any breed derived from them, in the State of São Paulo, according to Decree nº 48.533, of 9 March 2004, the use of muzzle for dogs for the stroll of these breeds in malls, shopping centers or other closed places, but of public access, marches, events or public agglomerations held in streets and public places.

However, it is important to note that walking with dogs of these breeds on public roads, public places or places of public access only requires the use of a collar, short driving guide and hanger, without the need to use the muzzle for dogs.

This decree was created by the fact that the mentioned breeds are more prone to an aggressive temperament when placed in a stressful situation, which can come from a simple walk because of all the movement, noise and people with which the dog is not familiar.

Ideal muzzle

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For a visit to the veterinarian or to move the dog over a short distance, you can use a containment muzzle, which is the one that keeps the dog's mouth closed, to prevent it from biting. Meet the professionals called dog walkers.

However, for situations that will require the dog to spend a longer period with the muzzle, it is essential that he makes use of the walking muzzle.

The importance of using this muzzle type that's why dogs, like cats, don't have sweat glands like humans, so they can't sweat to lower their body temperature. To cool and balance the temperature, dogs use the gasping mechanism.

It is not always that your dog has its tongue out because it is tired, it may be to gasp in order to reduce the heat it feels, breathing in cold air and breathing out hot air. So it is important that the muzzle allows the animal to keep its mouth open and have these openings, otherwise your dog may suffer from hyperthermia, which is the body's overheating. Also read about dog accessories.

More than by law, it is important for the owner to analyze for himself the need for put the muzzle on on your dog, even if he is in an area that does not have the obligation to use the equipment. It is a matter of safety and common sense, since the use of the muzzle does not cause any damage to the animal and the lack of use can cause much more serious problems.

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