Top 10 Worst Dog Tattoos Ever

Pets make such a strong impression on our lives, so it’s no wonder we want to carry them with us permanently. But when a good idea turns into a bad tattoo, inked dogs can end up looking ruff!

1.Ring around the collar

What’s that surrounding this poor pooch’s head? A ring of fire?

2. Fido Fail

When you’re strapped for cash, don’t turn to your kid for tattoo design.

3. What’s he lookin’ at?

This one makes us cross-eyed.

4. The hell?

Why does this dog have a human face? Why is the face blue? Why does he have fingers instead of front paws? So many questions…

5. Unimpressed Pooch

“This looks nothing at all like me, woman!”

6. RIP (Really Icky Picture)

Chances are that this pooch would roll in his grave if he saw this likeness of himself.

7. Just Wrong

If you’ve ever wondered what a 5 minute tat looks like, here’s your answer.

8. Boob Job

People are staring at your chest for all the wrong reasons, sister.

9. No… Just, No

We’re not too sure what this tattoo is of, exactly. Best guesses welcome.

10. What has been seen can’t be unseen

So many questions…absolutely no answers.

Diana Faria

Diana Faria is a freelance writer who loves to write about all things dog- and bird-related. She’s been around pets all her life and her longest relationship was with a 17-year-old peach-faced lovebird named Panchoe. When she isn’t writing about the furry friends in our lives, she’s making her black-capped Caique, Max, Instagram famous. She’s also a pillow for Kika, her short-tempered yet cuddly Chihuahua/Dachshund.

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