Dog Muzzle - Myths and characteristics

There are many popular myths out there that involve the dog's muzzle with the health of the pet, but these myths are not always true. A dog's snout is not an indicator of its health status, there are several factors that contribute to indicate that the animal may be sick.

Wet, hot, dry, cold, there are several possibilities of the state of a dog snout. It can also vary in color, and this brings up several other myths about what the color of the dog's muzzle represents. Understand what the dog's snout means.

The health of the dog is not defined by the muzzle

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Typically, the muzzle of a dog it is usually damp because dogs perspire through it and through the mouth. This is how dogs release body heat and balance their body temperature, which is why they always seem breathless. The hot air comes out of the snout, condenses, turns into liquid, and consequently ends up getting colder, that's why the dog's snout feels cold to the touch.

It is important to know that a dog's muzzle varies during the day and the time of year. When the weather is very hot, or the dog is not in a place with a lot of air circulation, its snout tries to get more dry, it is a common factor. Dogs usually wake up with a snout that is drier than normal, and due to the lack of moisture, the snout ends up getting warmer too. The warmth of the environment also warms the dog's snout, but that does not mean that the dog is sick or uncomfortable.

The state of dog's muzzle it enters as one among many factors that can indicate some health problem of the pet, but the muzzle must be in a very specific state. Normally, when the snout is very dry and peeling, it can indicate breathing problems for the dog, because he is not perspiring and breathing correctly. Along with this factor you can see if the dog is eating right, if he is tired, lethargic, several other factors. In that case, it is good to look for a professional.

There is also the possibility that the dog has a swollen and bruised snout. In this case, it is indicated that the animal is taken immediately to the veterinarian, as he may have been bitten by some other animal or injured internally. This can obstruct the passage of air and cause a lot of damage to the animal's health. Immediate treatment is needed.

The color of the muzzle also causes controversy

There are breeds, such as the Pitbull, that are born with a naturally lighter and rosier snout. This is a condition of the pigmentation of the animal's skin. In that case, it is good to be extra careful with the sun protection of the dog snoutbecause, because it does not have much pigmentation on the skin of the snout, it is more likely to suffer from sunburn and irritation.

If the dog has the dark snout, it can also suffer from the effects of the sun. Sometimes it can happen that the dog appears with a more reddish snout than normal, and this causes strangeness and concern in the owners. In fact, if the dog has reddish snout, is not something normal. Sunburn or exposure to excessive heat can redden the dog's snout, causing irritation and pain. When this happens, consultation with a veterinarian is indicated so that he can indicate a good medicine to be used and relieve the pet's discomfort.

The dog's muzzle is a delicate part of the body

Some owners have doubts about the bath, the right procedures and how to protect the pet snout when bathing at home.

The dog's muzzle, ears and eyes are extremely delicate parts that need extra care when bathing. First of all, it is important to look for a hypoallergenic product to pass the pet at bath time, so as not to run the risk of it developing allergies. Then, while bathing, try to keep the dog's ears and eyes away from any soap or water, as it can hurt and cause real irritation.

Some owners let the dog smell and rub the muzzle in the soap, but this is not appropriate. The hair around the dog's mouth can be washed with water, without the danger of the dog ingesting the product. The muzzle itself should be kept away from the soap, so as not to run the risk of the animal inhaling soap and water by accident.

When drying with a dryer, it is also important for the owner to keep the air away from the dog snout, so as not to dry out and cause discomfort. The hair on the front of the dog's head dries faster than the body, so it's not a concern to dry that area. Not to mention that it is extremely irritating for the dog to receive hot or cold wind in the ears or nose.

It is important to take care of dogs muzzle and keep it always clean, as pets need it a lot to keep their body temperature stable and to perspire when having fun with their owner.

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