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Saint Humberto's Dog Card

The Dog of Santo Humberto, also known as Bloodhound, has an excellent sense of smell, an ability that made him stand out in his work as a stalker (in English, "tracker"), to locate an injured hunting piece or to find Missing people.


The breed dogs are descendants of black or brown and black hunting dogs, which were used by the monk Hubert in his hunts of the seventh century. For centuries, the monks of Saint-Hubert, developed this breed in the Andain Monastery, in Belgium. Due to their great olfactory capacity, they were widely used to find pilgrims lost in their forests. In the 11th century, these dogs were imported into England and crossed with dogs of other breeds (among them, the Mastiff is believed), resulting in the breed Dog of Santo Humberto that we know today.


The Dog of Santo-Humberto is very calm, tenacious, persevering and determined. He loves to live with people, is friendly and very patient. This dog is very sensitive to the relationship with its owner, he will be faithful and love his owner whenever he is treated well. The breed is very intelligent and has very quick thinking. His character is sweet, balanced and, at times, a little shy. However, at times, he can be a little aggressive towards other dogs.


The Dog of Santo-Humberto is a large and very heavy dog. It has a long, narrow head adorned with abundant wrinkles. The skin falls, especially, along the front and sides of the head. The ears are long and low set. The hair is short, being very rough on the body and smooth as silk on the ears and on the head. It can vary between black and brown, brown and brown, with black being the most common.

The black color is limited to the back and flanks, forming a saddle, and the dorsal face of the neck to the tip of the occiput. White is not accepted by breed standards, however, a small white spot on the chest and on the legs does not disqualify the specimen.

Specific care

It is advisable to keep the Dog of Santo Humberto on spacious grounds and very well fenced. Being a large dog, the space inside a house can be very small. This dog needs to exercise moderately, but regularly. To avoid irritation, this breed requires that you regularly monitor the folds formed on your skin.


The Dog of Santo Humberto, normally, does not have serious hereditary and congenital problems, although sometimes there are cases of hip or elbow dysplasia. The most common problems are related to the eyes: dry conjunctivitis and ectropion, but it can also present a stomach twist.

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