He "annexed" a local store and became a star. A book has been written about him!

Who said that an ordinary cat cannot become famous? A nice redhead from the east of England has just "published" his book.

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He has thousands of fans around the world, and a few days ago he met his fans in person to "sign" a book that tells about his adventures. And the celebrity tomcat had some of them in his life ... Interestingly, most of them probably would not have taken place if it had not been for the construction of a supermarket.

A shop instead of a meadow

A red cat named Garfield lives with his guardian David Willers in the city of Ely, in the east of England. Perhaps he would never have been famous had it not been for the fact that a Sainsbury's hypermarket had been built opposite his house seven years ago. Previously, it was a meadow that Garfield took regular walks in. When a shop appeared in its place, the tomcat began to enter its interior, attracting general attention to itself. In time, he even earned the nickname "Mr. Sainsbury's".

Garfield's favorite item was the couch in the Virgin travel store in the mall's arcade. Redhead also likes to jump into the cars of the store's customers. It didn't take long for him to become a local star - people started taking pictures with him and giving him treats. It got to the point that his guardian had to appeal to stop feeding the cat, because it just became too fat.

The celebrity tomcat and his adventures

While Garfield (also affectionately known as Garfym) became a local favorite, some incidents also took place. As a result of one of them, the cat was banned from entering the store - all because he scratched one of the customers ... This and his other adventures - and apparently he had a lot of them - were described in the newly published book "What's THAT Doing There?" Its authors are Cate Caruth and Garfield's guardian, David Willers.

On the occasion of the book's premiere, a meeting with the authors was organized in the local library. Garfield not only attended, but also "signed" the copies of the book with a stamp similar to his paw print. Apparently, the celebrity tomcat perfectly fulfilled the duties of a local star and willingly posed for photos with his fans.

My daughter Anna has finally met an adorable Garfield at Ely library and got his book signed. Thank you David and others…

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Who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of his career - so far the book is very popular.

The author's meeting lasted about two hours, but all available copies of the book sold out within half an hour - says Cate Caruth.

Would you like to read about the adventures of the redhead from the supermarket? We do not hide that we are very interested in the content of this book. We keep our fingers crossed for it, because maybe - if it turns out to be a hit enough - it will also appear in Poland over time? We wouldn't mind.

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