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Also called "Chrysanthemum Dog", this Chinese Terrier, from Tibet, lives between 12 and 15 years. They are of the FCI standard, in group 9, section 5, which belongs to Tibet's companion dogs. Alive and intelligent, friendly and without any aggression, the Tibetan Terrier has become a popular companion dog. He is very lively, very affectionate and loyal to the owner. Reserved with strangers, it is easily trained.

It can emerge as an ideal pet for anyone who appreciates the Old English Sheepdog breed, but cannot have such a large dog at home. This is because the Tibetan Terrier it looks like a miniature copy of this breed. But it is not just comparisons that do justice to its beauty, in fact it has all the beauty of the larger breed with the convenience of fitting in much less space.


As its name suggests, the Tibetan Terrier is Chinese, from the region of Tibet, considered a sacred dog in this country, mainly for monks. For the Chinese, it has a much deeper meaning than just a great watchdog: he is the talisman of happiness and prosperity. They always delivered this dog to the powerful people of the country, like emperors and chiefs of some villages.

Thousands of years ago, this breed of dog was in danger of becoming extinct. To prevent happiness and prosperity from ending, people crossed the Tibetan Terrier with another breed of dogs from the place that most resembled them, the Spaniels, also from Tibet. In fact, this mixture worked and from these dogs a new breed was born, even smaller, known as Lhasa Apso.


They are very affectionate dogs, especially with children. They are protectors of the owner's house, so they can become noisy. Very obedient if properly trained to do so. He is loyal, robust, a good hiking companion, dedicated to owners and children, yet a little apprehensive about strangers, he has a firm and decisive expression, he is intelligent, friendly and brave. He has always served as a loyal companion alongside the owner, even in the most arduous tasks.


The Tibetan Terrier, with a compact and vigorous body, has a medium length head. The chin bears a light goatee. The eyes, large and dark, are wide apart. The ears, in a "V" shape, are well feathered and hang down, without being too tight against the head. The members, straight, are covered with very dense hair. This dog has large, round, hairy paws between the toes and the sole. The tail, medium, is implanted at the very top and quite fringed.

The hair is abundant and fine, neither silky nor woolly, straight or wavy, it is duplicated by an inner layer of fine wool. All color combinations of the Tibetan Terrier's coat are accepted, with the exception of chocolate.

Specific care

The Tibetan Terrier does not require strict care and, in general, they are healthy and easy to keep dogs. This terrier loves to run, explore, and needs daily exercise. This need can be satisfied with a good game that leaves you with your tongue hanging out. Although he can live outside the house, he is undoubtedly better as a dog that lives inside the house. Its long coat needs brushing once or twice a week.


This breed is resistant and rarely gets sick, much due to its Tibetan origins. However, Tibetan Terriers have a certain facility to develop some problems, such as: dislocation of the patella, hip dysplasia, cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy

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