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  • Sauá Príncipe Bernhard

    Callicebus bernhardi - Sauá-Príncipe-Bernhard is one of the most recent discoveries of science and was first described in the year 2002. Its scientific name is a tribute to Prince Bernard of Holland, creator of the conservation order "Order of the Ark Golden",...

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  • Blood

    Ramphocelus bresilius - The blood tiê is an endemic species in Brazil and is also the symbolic bird of the Atlantic Forest. It can be found from Paraíba to Santa Catarina. It measures up to 19 centimeters in length and weighs up to 31 grams. The sexual dimorphism is evident. The plumage ...

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  • White tufted marmoset

    Callithrix jacchus - Endemic species of Brazil, lives in the Atlantic Forest, in the caatinga and in riparian forests of the northeast region. It is also possible to observe it in urban areas.It can measure up to 25 centimeters in length, plus 28 centimeters in the tail and weigh up to 450 ...

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  • Versicolor pheasant

    Phasianus versicolor - Also known as the green pheasant and the Japanese pheasant, the versicolor pheasant is endemic to Japan, where it is considered the bird symbol of the country. It was also introduced in Hawaii and Europe. It lives in woods and meadows.The plumage of the male is metallic and ...

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