Here are some tips for what the bathroom for cats should look like

Those who live in apartments and want a pet, find feline friends very hygienic, as long as they are taught to use the bathroom for cats properly. A tip for those who adopt a feline is to get a box of sand as soon as possible and show him where it is, touching the clean sand, in order to encourage him to use the place.

In addition, the bathroom for cats he must stay in a less busy place of the residence, thus, he will feel more comfortable and safer in using it, because he knows that he will not be interrupted. However, it is also indicated that the Cat litter box do not stay near the pot where your water and feed are.

One of the corners of the service area or a less frequented room, such as the “mess room” or the balcony, are other spaces that combine more with the feline's bathroom.

Care when setting up feline bathrooms

It is important that the cat's litter box is rectangular and spacious, slightly larger than the pet. It is also indicated that he has enough sand and that this is enough so that, after doing his needs, he can bury them. The same he does with the pee, making it easier to clean the box, because in a short time the content dries, facilitating its removal.

In addition to keeping cats' bathrooms clean, it is advisable to wash them every two weeks with mild soap. This will prevent the cat from turning other parts of the house into a toilet.

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What can harm the use of the feline toilet

The full of cleaning products can disorient the cat, causing him to pee and coconut outside the litter box. Therefore, avoid leaving these artificial smells in the environment where the litter box is.

Also, prefer the feline-specific granulated sands. Some of them are perfumed, however, they can also harm the use of bathroom for cats. Since they adapt less easily to changes, the best option is to always use the same type of sand.

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