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Bombay cat and her attitude

The Bombay cat is not a "boring" cuddly cat: As far as its attitude is concerned, it can be a little more action for it. Be sure to plan enough time and space for this rare pet with the thick black fur. The Bombay cat is small, but muscular - Image: Shutterstock / dien

The active Bombay cat is a little adventurer. She enjoys the time in the fresh air and is very curious, so that secure access is very convenient. If you don't have a garden or care for your cat, you can also try walking your pet with a leash and cat harness, because the clever, human-related cat breed usually does this just as well as a dog after a bit of practice. However, this is not a must.

Happy in the apartment too: The Bombay cat

The beautiful black cat with the smooth walk can also be kept very well in the apartment. However, this should be large enough and cat-friendly. Make sure your velvet paw has large scratching posts and other climbing opportunities, and don't leave it alone that much. The affectionate cat needs its people and becomes unhappy when it is alone too much. If you keep them as a family cat, so much the better. The Mini-Panther likes it when there is a lot going on around it and is very good with children. The social cat should also get animal society if possible. Living with other cats or dogs is usually not a problem for them.

Employment for the active room tiger

Plan a lot of playing time with your agile room tiger, because he needs it. Try to teach him how to retrieve, because most representatives of this cat breed are very adept at it.

Small cat breeds: these are part of it

The cat's fur is short and smooth and does not need too much care. Brushing once a week, more when changing the coat if necessary, is absolutely sufficient. As with all cats, a healthy, balanced diet is important: the fairly small but strong cat should not be overweight, because her physique is simply not made for this.

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