Education tips for St. Bernard

St. Bernard are good-natured, level-headed and friendly. However, because the Swiss have a stubborn head, some educational tips are important. Here's how to teach your dog how to behave. With these educational tips, the Saint Bernard quickly learns the desired behaviors - Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

The protective instinct is one of the outstanding properties of the Saint Bernard. If you follow some parenting tips, you will only feel the positive aspects of this protective instinct. Because if a representative of this popular breed does not know his limits, he can be quite aggressive if he sees his "pack" in danger.

Parenting tips: Obedience is important

A Saint Bernard is an excellent guard dog, who is usually very patient and gentle towards children. So that he also knows how to behave people and animals outside of their family - which he sees as his pack - a high degree of obedience is important. With such a large dog that can weigh up to 80 kilograms, it is absolutely essential that it listens to your word. One of the most important educational tips is to start socializing as early as the puppy age. It is best to teach him with a strict but calm tone that aggressive behavior is not desired. Dog treats are also a good idea for motivation.

Saint Bernard: Gentle giant from Switzerland

You have to pay attention to this with the Saint Bernard

As with almost all dogs, a loving upbringing is important for the Saint Bernard. Even if the tall Swiss tends to be stubborn, he is basically a friendly and dear contemporary. You should avoid gross methods of education as far as possible. If you start teaching him the right behavior in time, this clever and adaptable dog will surely listen to you soon.

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