Cold protection for outdoor enthusiasts in winter

With thick winter fur and a thirst for adventure, many outdoor enthusiasts do not want to do without their tours outside even in the cold months. And if it gets too cold, these accessories can help. Neighbors dog can best be lurked in the snow - Image: Shutterstock / vvvita

Neighbors dog can best be lurked in the snow - Image: Shutterstock / vvvita

1. Open sesame! The cat flap

If you can and want to, your pet can quickly return to the cozy home with a cat flap, in the event of sudden cold, wind and weather. You can set whether your cat can only go out the door, only in, or in both directions and your cat can decide when it gets too uncomfortable outside. This is very practical, especially for working people.

2. For the transition: cat house as a shelter

In the event of a sudden change in the weather or a need for a break, the cat house is a wonderful interim solution. Depending on the size and equipment, there are also two cats shelter and an exciting observation post, thanks to which they do not get wet fur when it rains. This solution is ideal for cat households without a cat flap.

3. Comfort: The self-heating cat blanket

Very old or very young parlor tigers as well as those who are just particularly sensitive to the cold need an extra portion of warmth after being released in the cold. A simple solution: the self-heating blanket. It reflects the warmth of the cat, making her place almost as cozy as the heating couch. The cozy blanket works without batteries and electricity.

4. As a supplement: strengthening the immune system

A good immune system is essential for a good resistance to cold in winter. Biotin, taurine, salmon oil, multivitamin pastes and other nutritional supplements can, together with a healthy, balanced diet, ensure that your house tiger stays fit and can withstand snow and cold. If you are unsure about how to optimally support your pet's immune system, your veterinarian will be happy to help you.

Winter fun with cats: cold is fun!