Little girl gets cute kitten for her birthday

Little Brooklyn gets her longest wish fulfilled for her sixth birthday, as this video shows. Her parents come to her bed in the morning, where she is happily waiting. Then comes the surprise: a small, beautiful baby cat!

Brooklyn is overjoyed when she discovers the little kitten. She caresses the mini velvet paw very carefully. Dad finally pulls the kitten out and Brookyln has it on his arm. One sees immediately: This is the beginning of a great friendship! "She is so cute!" and "I love her!" the birthday girl keeps saying.

Then she asks excitedly whether the kitten is you or he. "It's a boy," says the mom. Then it should go straight to the name and Brooklyn asks her parents for help. The family now has all the time in the world to give the sweet mini cat the appropriate name. Brooklyn previously had cats, two seniors, whom she lost.

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