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"Face Slapping? Better not!" Cat is intimidated by mate

The paw is already stretched to the face. But the white-spotted tabby cat hesitates in the video, even seems petrified for a few moments. Is she pulling her tail in after all? Yes! Not such a bad idea, because their counterpart is a black giant who is by no means impressed by the willingness to fight of his fellow furry man.

The scene is very funny. First the little cat is ready to fight and then she obviously changes her mind. You can literally see her brain rattling as she remains in her ready-to-fight position: "I will slap you in the face, you black Klops! ... which could end badly for me. You are much taller than me and I cannot run away from here Maybe I'll postpone it another time. "

The result: The cat slowly lowers its paw and pulls away in slow motion, as if nothing had happened. The black cat looks slowly after her and looks very commanding - the testosterone-impregnable behavior of the two to laugh dead!

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